Inspirerende Quotes

Inspirerende Quotes van Master Choa Kok Sui
Enkele quotes van  Grand Master Choa Kok Sui uit de 7 Golden Lotus Sutra’s met wijsheden over verschillende levensgebieden.
From: The Golden Lotus Sutras on Life 

A difficult Relationship helps the individual to develop Patience, Tolerance, and Forgiveness.

Problems in life make you stronger and more compassionate.

You will be tested again and again until the lesson has been learned.

The real cause of psychological ailments is insufficient Soul Contact.

The Key to World Peace is to teach people to think for themselves and to use discernment.

From: The Golden Lotus Sutra on Pranic Healing

The Law of Self-Recovery states, that the body can heal itself.

The Law of Life Energy states, that by increasing the life energy level of the body, healing is accelerated. Pranic Healing accelerates the healing process of the body.

The Law of Correspondence states, that what happens to the energy body tends to manifest physically!

The body is a living battery, that requires constant recharging. This is done through different means, especially through the transference of life energy. This is the principle behind Pranic Healing.”

The energycenters or chakra’s are like power stations. They generate energy for different areas and organs of the body.

From: The Golden Lotus Sutras on Meditation

The purpose of Meditation is to develop your Higher Faculties. Without this development, understanding deeper Spiritual Truths is not possible.

Meditation has a purifying effect. It strengthens your connection to your Higher Soul.

Self – Purification means that the body is made strong enough to withstand Higher Energy. Internally you have to be wholesome.

When you do Meditation on Twin Hearts, you become a “Spiritual Conductor”. Your body will become filled with Light, Hope and Strength.

From: The Golden Lotus Sutras on Spiritual Practice

Light, love, power and charity come from a strong spiritual connection.

Spiritual Development means seeing life accurately and then taking proper action.

Evolution implies time and process, and a lot of mistakes. Mistakes are part of life.

When life becomes painful, you are forced to go another direction.

When you Do Service, Energy is directed to you. The more you Do Service, the more you become empowered.

From: The Golden Lotus Sutras on Spiritual Business Management

By overcoming obstacles, your Willpower becomes stronger, your Will to Manifest is being developed.

You are a spiritual being of Divine Intelligence, Love and Power. Therefore, what you say tend to manifest.

As your chakras become bigger, what you think and what you say will tend to manifest.

Do things ethically! You are responsible for your actions.

Determine where you are right now, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

A person with purpose should have: 1. a financial target 2. a relationship target 3. a self-development target 4. a spiritual target

From: the Golden Lotus Sutra on Inspired Action

If you want to learn, empty your cup to make room for the teaching to go in.

From the golden Lotus Sutra on Characterbuilding

Character is the manifestation of the degree of soul contact. When you are out of balance, the connection between you and your Higher Soul becomes minimal.

People assume that creation is a onetime process.Creation is a continuous process. You can call it evolution.

In deze sutra, de 5 virtues (deugden, eigenschappen van de ziel), die zich uitdrukken in ons karakter: *Loving kindness and non injury (mental, emotional, physical, etc.). *Generosity and non stealing (op verschillende niveaus). *Honesty and non lying (incl. accurate perceptie & correcte expressie).. *Constancy of aim and effort and non-laziness. *Moderation and non excessiveness. “Characterbuilding is a manifestation of your spiritual development.”